Artist of the Month – May 2021


If you’ve scrolled through your For You page on Tiktok in the past month or so, you’ve probably heard this trending track by Iamdoechii.


if you listen to Doechii i automatically fw u 😩 (song: yucky blucky fruitcake by IAmDoechii) #nonbinary

♬ Yucky Blucky Fruitcake by IAmDoechii – SUDANI.

Intrigued to learn more about this relatively unknown artist, I started exploring the rest of her catalog on Spotify. Needless to say, I was not disappointed and instantly become a reoccuring listener. Pretty soon after, I followered her on Spotify, Instagram, and started sharing my discovery with anyone I think would be interested.

But am I the only one?

As a music data analyst who loves finding answers in numbers, I started collecting as much data as I could so that I can analyze her journey as an emerging artist. My insights confirmed my assumption that Iamdoechii’s Yucky Blucky Fruitcake isn’t just another viral moment; looking at Iamdoechii’s rapid growth across Youtube, Instagram, and Spotify over the past several months, it’s clear that she has a promising career ahead.


  • Spotify Monthly Listeners increased by 98.7% since March 14th
  • Spotify Followers increased by 87.6% since March 14th
  • Instagram Followers increased by 29.3% since April 11th
  • Instagram Engagement increased by 111% – from averaging 5 likes/comments per follower to 11 per follower
  • Youtube Channel Subscribers increased by 23.6% since March 31st
  • Youtube Channel Views increased by 45.9% since March 31st

How Does Iamdoechii compare to other trending artists on Tiktok?

  • March 14th (Date of Original Post) – Iamdoechii’s Spotify Popularity Score was 37
  • May 4th – Her score is currently at 64 (a 73% increase!)
  • She is in the 75th percentile of total gain compared to other artists
Data from Tiktok’s Top 100 Trending Tracks during the week of May 2nd. Each dot represents an artist. The X axis indicates the percent gain in Spotify Popularity Score from March 14th to May 4th.

Link to Dashboard

Check out my dashboard to see the data for yourself.

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